Guns. Saints Fan. Bigger Guns. Can Beer. A TV. A Redskins Loss. Gunshots.



Who Dat! Who Dat Gunna blast a cap in a 52″ LCD’s ass?

Well, it would be Saints fan making good on a bet with some good ‘ol boy who predicted the Redskins would beat Nawlins. Yeah, you know how that went.

Time to drink some beers and get the guns out, boys. Tooths optional!

Video of the blasting after the jump.

Posted: Dec. 7, 2009

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) After telling my FaceBook friends they could shoot my T.V. if the Saints beat the Redskins, they showed up in full force after the Saints won in OT 33-30.

Climax of Video: If you can’t watch this entire video don’t bother starting it because this is like a Marlboro, GM, Busch Light and Smith & Wesson commercial wrapped into one YouTube sensation.

Conclusion: They didn’t vote for Obama.

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