The Afternoon Dump: Mark Cuban On WWE Raw, Women In The NBA, Dwight Howard Spits, Ochocinco Needs Money, Tiger’s Misstresses, Statues From Around The World, Hot Girl FAIL, Blake Lively To Be Naked, & A New Japanese AV Girl



I like Crystal Chaya outfit here, don’t you?

Had a final exam during dead week this morning. It went really well. Then had to drive an hour away to get my car back. Oh and it cost an extra $80 from what they quoted me. Sucks.

Colts are still number 2 in the power rankings. Guess that will stay the same until the Saints lose.

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Afternoon Dump

Mark Cuban goes all all out on WWE Raw [Sportress of Blogitude]
Women to the NBA? Wow, the NBA sucks [unathletic]
Everyone takes Manning for granted [FanHouse]
Michael Jordan greatest moments repeated in NBA 2K [Tremendous Upside Potential]
Dwight Howard puts bad luck on the ball [Guyism]
Ochocinco needs money to pay off his car loan [The Slanch Report]
Comprehensive list of Tiger’s mistresses [Holy Taco]
This gecko didn’t get the Geico job [Tasty Booze]
Weird fricken statues in the world [Big Smudge]
Hot girl destroys herself while stair surfing [Regretful Morning]
Hell yeah, Blake Lively is getting naked [MoonDog Sports]
Playboy’s Sarah Lee Michaels is pretty hot [Muff Slap]
Top 10 curvy women in Hollywood [EgoTV]
Who is the hottest Miami Caliente player? [Buge Hoobs]
A new Japanese AV girl [Art Hack]

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