Marine Kills Marine Over Texas-Nebraska Big 12 Title Game, Fuzz Claims



Is the Texas-Nebraska game really that important?

Important enough to kill another person? A fellow marine?

Police say yes and all signs (pending a trial) point to Johnathan Clinton Rodriquez dying from a single gunshot wound during a struggle with Lionel Loya. Oh, yeah, they were friends.

Havelock Police Chief G. Wayne Cyrus said the friends began arguing about the Big 12 Championship game, which Texas won 13-12 on a field goal on the last play of the game.

Cyrus said the two got involved in what started as a friendly discussion about the game that escalated.

“It was just friendly banter going back and forth,” Cyrus said. “One was a Texas fan and one was not.”

A .40 caliber gun went off during the struggle and you have a dead marine and one arrested for manslaughter.


We’re still efforting which teams each guy was cheering for. But we can provide you photos of the guy police say is responsible for having the gun that went off.

Remember, folks, turn on the game, don’t be douche and put the guns away.

[Lionel Loya – MySpace]

[One dead in Havelock shooting]



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