Texas Kicker Hunter Lawrence Capable Of Pulling Hot Bikini Chicks

Update: This guy just sent Texas to the BCS Championship game. Poon for life in the state of Texas for Hunter Lawrence. This post was originally posted earlier this year.

By now all of you have seen what Colt McCoy is capable of pulling in the woman department.

QBs never have an issue, really.

They grab the headlines, have tight asses and cute hair. Just what women want. And he’ll probably have a multi-million dollar deal in 2010. That doesn’t hurt.

What you might not realize is that McCoy’s teammate (and kicker) Hunter Lawrence has no trouble pulling his own tail.

BC Special Assignment Reporter Art McGregor went on a mission and found Lawrence and his chick Meaghan doing the usual couple stuff.

Going to the beach, boating, posing for Facebook photos.

Now we’re not saying Megs is still saddling up to Hunter. Making claims like that will get people angry. We’re just here to teach lessons to other kickers who might get picked on by the defensive ends and offensive tackles.

If Hunter can pull, you can too.

Don’t give up. Kick a few game winners, do a few TV interviews and soon you can be the next Hunter.

Get a chick who looks like Meaghan and tell the 6-7, 290-lb. OT to kiss your ass.

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Meaghan (left) possibly better than McCoy’s chick. You be the judge.

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