Hot College Cheerleaders With Largemouth Bass: Alabama’s Sidney Lands A Lunker


Update: We’re re-running this for Alabama fans who happen to cruise in during this SEC Championship. Enjoy.


* To all the Busted Coverage readers/fishermen: we guessed largemouth. Wrong?

This one sorta surprised us at BC headquarters. We keep track of all sorts of cheerleaders from across the country to make sure they don’t go nuts on Halloween, end up upside down on a keg or decide to get drunk and make themselves famous.

University of Alabama cheerleader Sidney McGough, also an Athlon Sideline Spirit contestant, yesterday uploaded photos of her latest fishing expedition and of course we were very impressed she would even touch that bass.

So, the only logical post for these photos would be a new series, “Hot College Cheerleaders With Largemouth Bass.”

Our first and hopefully not last contestant after the jump.


And she even wore cutoff jorts and cowboy boots!

Seriously, Busted Coverage editors see hundreds of model photo galleries. Many are so cliche.  Sidney created an entirely new genre of modeling and didn’t even try to be sexy.

We expect the message boards on the Bass Pro Shops site to light up when these photos get linked.

Have a pic of an ex, current girlfriend/wife who is hot and holding a fish? Send us an email.

[Difference Between Small & Largemouth Bass]

[Alabama Crimson Squad – Cheerleaders]


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