Fight Our Penis Wants To See In 2010: Sarah Ponce Vs. Gina Carano

Sportress of Blogitude sends word this afternoon that he’s infatuated (more photos there) with this Sarah Ponce chick who’s turning the world of kickboxing on its head because she’s hot and has modeling photos floating around the Net.

The rumor is that she might join Strikeforce next year which would then give the company two of the hottest women who’d then be turned loose on each other – Ponce and Gina Carano.

Ponce is 12-1 and figures to give us the ultimate weigh-in scenario if she competes in a Strikeforce 135-lb. tournament that is becoming the buzz of the Internet fight gossip sites.

The only buzz for us is the cellphone being turned off by a bulge in our pants. Your move, Carano.

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Generate Your Own Tiger-Esque Sext Message
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