Daily Dump: Tiger Woods Voice Mail Messages, Let Tiger Chase His Tail, Tiger On The Hook For $300 Million, Jesper Parnevik Pissed At Tiger, Andy Murray Loses Girlfriend Over Video Games, 24 Middle Finger Salutes And The Electrical Cord Bra



Christmas gift wrapping ideas. A Gallery.

We really did order a “Let Tiger Chase His Tail” shirt this morning. That should be good for some laughs at the bar.

This poor guy. Wouldn’t you all just leave him and his transgressions alone. He’s working it out. Elin is forgiving him. Let the family be.

Yeah, we’ll get right to that since we are finished ruining Jon & Kate.

In other news, A.I. is back. That didn’t take long. Would his return have anything to do with him needing some f@cking cash, brahs? The house in Philly won’t sell. And we’re sure there are little baby gravy A.I.s running around in at least 6-9 states. Dude will ride the bench if it means $2-3 million.



Today’s Dump:

…first off a nice, easy to read post with audio of the Tiger voice mail messages [JerseyChaser]

We just ordered our shirt this morning – “Let Tiger Chase His Tail” [BroBible]

Not Bad: First divorce figure for Tiger – Only $300 Million & child support! [WCBS]

Jesper Parnevik unloads on Tiger after what he did to Jesper’s former au pair [FanHouse]

Tiger’s New Frat – Memorable Sports Scandals From Past 20 Years [YepYep]

Tiger on January 2010 cover of Golf Digest giving Obama tips – just saying [The Danza Tap]

In Tennis Relationship News: Andy Murray loses poon over video games [WithLeather]

San Diego Chargers Cheerleader Boob Salad From Sunday’s Game! [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

2009 Nets Vs. 2008 Lions – Which One Is More Laughable? [Rumors and Rants]

20 All-Time Funniest Church Signs [Manofest]

Russia’s version of Britney Spears falls right off that stage [Regretful Morning]

Awesome! 24 Ways To Give The Middle Finger [Top Cultured]

Awesome #2! If Men Designed Christmas Wrapping Paper [DJ Mick]

Today’s Tail:

10 Skankiest Women Of Reality Dating Shows [Gunaxin]

25 Beautiful Boxing Babes. You know the drill. A Gallery. [Holy Taco]

Very goth-like – The Electrical Cord Bra [Guyism]

The woman who makes Bill Cowher stutter had a Vickie Secret after-party [Don Chavez]

Some lucky husband was going to get Marla Sokoloff boob salad on his wedding day [BoobieBlog]

More of George Clooney’s new f-buddy in her blue bikini [HQ-Celebrity]

Jesus H.! Joanna Krupa gets religious-y and nearly naked for PETA [Flisted]

Olivia Munn keeps tradition alive of being only woman we’d cut off a finger to bang [CelebSlam]

Speaking of a finger, Aussie hot chick Erin McNaught recently did just that [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Nyla B, just another implanted chick living the dream [Uncoached]

Taryn Thomas about to bury some seeds [The Beer Goggler]

First thing we’d do to Caroline Enz is rip off a few of those moles, otherwise let’s party [Funtasticus]

…and finally, this is why women should always wear workout gear – always! [H8torade]

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