The Afternoon Dump: BCS Headquarters Is Back, Ryan Miller Hits Photographer In The Face, Jared Loves Dallas Clark, Liquid A$$ Injections Kill, Christian Singles Ads Are Misleading, Amanda Looks Good In The Closet, & Hot SNL Megan Fox



I could look at this Joanna Duarte picture all day.

So Purdue played Wake Forest last night and won because we did good in the second half. But why in the world is wake forest called the ‘Demon Deccans’? It seems contradicting to me to have demon and Deccan in the same name. That’s like saying the ‘Demon Angels.’ Just doesn’t make sense.

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Afternoon Dump

Just another lunch break at the BCS headquarters [GSF]
Somehow Ryan Miller hits photographer in the face with a puck [Sportress of Blogitude]
Raiders fans engage in a pointless protest [The Sporting Blog]
Jared from Subway just wants to be Dallas Clark [Sports Crackle Pop]
I wouldn’t mind trying out with an NBA team [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
Miss Argentina dies from liquid injection [Celebslam]
5 extreme overachievers…seriously [Asylum]
Some insane condoms that I haven’t heard of [uncoached]
Christian singles ads look a little misleading [Next Round]
Mila Kunis looks good in black [MoonDog Sports]
Amateur model Amanda is looking good in the closet [Reel Pretty]
Nina Terror is a hardcore hottie [Gorilla Mask]
Whats your definition of sexy? [Head of Fred]
Megan Fox is looking hot for SNL [Men Tag]
Humpday rocks because of these hotties [Buge Hoobs]

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