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World's Coldest Undie Run: 2009 Montana State University


This Undie Run (Nov. 20) slipped right by our editors, possibly because it took place in Bozeman, Montana.

We’re used to covering warmer locales (like UCLA)where running in boxers, bras, etc. isn’t considered that crazy. But when the temps are hovering around 30 with wind chills in the mid-20s (with several inches of snow on the ground), we must give the students at Montana State University some sort of acknowledgment.

So…Busted Coverage is calling the 2009 MSU strip-fest “The World’s Coldest Undie Run.”

Congrats to the hearty souls and hopefully you’ll be over the frostbite in time for Christmas.

[KBZK-TV Facebook Images Of MSU Undie Run]

Have some higher res images of the MSU Undie Run that fit our blog style? Send them in!







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