Jaimee Grubbs (Photos) Had 20 Sex Romps With Tiger Woods, Says US Weekly Report

Her name is Jaimee Grubbs and she claims to have had at least 20 sexual encounters with Tiger Woods.

According to an US Weekly report that is supposed to be out later this week and is being reported by the most important Internet sites, such as TMZ.

From the NY Daily News:

Jaimee Blue Sky Grubbs, 24, who says she was 21 when she first hooked up with Woods in April 2007, is expect to dish the details in an upcoming US Weekly report, TMZ.com reported Tuesday.

It appears that is her real middle name. No bullshit.

Photos? Here is what we could find. Developing…

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Rachel Uchitel (Photos): Night(s) With Tiger’s 3-Wood
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