Exeter (Pa.) Girl Fights Mifflin (Pa.) Boys In Ice Hockey Brawl

Posted: Nov. 26, 2009

Premise of Video: #7 (in blue or whatever color that is) seems to be on defense and has seen enough stick swinging at her goalie. We know that this is Exeter (Pa.) versus East Penn Scholastic Hockey League rival Gov. Mifflin. Now we just have to figure out the girls name and if she wants to teach Elizabeth Lambert a few things about fighting – legitimately.

Climax of Video: It looks like she’s dropping fist bombs like Fedor on #4’s melon. No helmets or gloves seem to come off so the damage is minimal, but it looks cool. Watch at the 50-second mark as Mifflin jumps her like Mark Mangino on a sirloin.

Conclusion: Look, we wouldn’t mess with her. WE NEED A NAME, INTERVIEW, ANYTHING. BC readers need to come through and get us some contact information. #7 – Exeter Ice Hockey. Go!

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