BC Special Report: Jaimee Grubbs Friend Says Tiger Sexted His Road Beef, Spent 2008 U.S. Open With Her

BC Continuing Coverage Of Possibly The Real Deal Tiger Woods Affair Story:

We asked Jaimee’s friend  to expand on her relationship with Tiger’s alleged romp partner and tell us more of what she knew about texts and Tiger.

No I never saw them together.  I met Jaime a couple months after she met Tiger, when we both turned 21 (2007). She met Tiger at a club in Vegas when a bouncer “placed” her at his VIP table. She showed me a LOT of his texts and played some voicemails…SCANDALOUS stuff.

The more I hung out with her, though, the less I wanted to be associated with her. I was just about to start (edited by Busted Coverage) – and I didn’t feel comfortable being around someone like her…just not a moral person.  We both lived in San Diego at the time (she moved to LA eventually), and he would always stay at the Downtown San Diego W Hotel. I remember her saying how he didn’t even register under a fake name, and how “easy it would be” for someone to find out he was having an affair with her. It always seemed like she wanted me to spread it around…

Jaimee also told me she just pretended not to know anything about Tiger being married and a DAD — she just played the dumb card around him. Whenever marriage or kids came up, she just changed the subject.
As I said, she’s a sweet girl, but she dressed up as a “gold digger” that year — and that costume portrayed EXACTLY how she was. She just wants fame and $$$$.
I also learned some dirt before I stopped associating myself with her:
1) She’s half American-Indian, hence her middle name Blue Sky
2) She doesn’t drink – EVER – due to alcoholism in her family
…and now for the major dirt 🙂
3) Tiger is …er… more “Asian than Black” LOL
4) Tiger is uncircumcised!! EW!!!

So, of course we asked some follow-up questions:

BC: What do you remember about those texts?

Jaimee’s Friend: How dirty they were. I mean XXX rated.

BC: Tiger talking very dirty?

Jaimee’s Friend: I just remember how shocked I was….thinking he was this great, wonderful family man.

The friend claims that Jaimee told her about spending the night with Tiger in San Diego and that one of those times was during the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.

“They would play video games and watch movies,” our source claims.


And the inside story on Ms. Jaimee Blue Sky Grubbs starts to roll in.

Sent to our email (also sent us the photo above) by a BC reader  just minutes ago:


I knew Jaimee when she first starting hooking up with Tiger. She’s a sweet girl — but claimed she just played the “dumb card” with Tiger – and said she always pretended she didn’t think he was married.  She wants to be an actress/model so I’m sure this “claim to fame” will give her the spotlight she desires!
So sad…


Do you know Jaimee Grubbs? Have photos of Jaimee Blue Sky Grubbs? Wanna tell some stories about Jaimee Blue Sky Grubbs? We’ll publish ’em.

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[Jaimee Grubbs (Photos) Had 20 Sex Romps With Tiger Woods, Says US Weekly Report]

Jaimee Grubbs (Photos) Had 20 Sex Romps With Tiger Woods, Says US Weekly Report
Jaimee Grubbs (Photos) Had 20 Sex Romps With Tiger Woods, Says US Weekly Report
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