The Afternoon Dump: Tiger Woods’ Best Image, A Great College Hit, Jazz Trick Lakers Fan, How To Wake Your Girlfriend Up, Things Overheard At Thanksgiving, Hot Vida Guerra, & The Fun Disco

Tiger Woods’ Best Image, A Great College Hit, Jazz Trick Lakers Fan

Elisha Cuthbert is sexy and just turned 27 years old.

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was good. Probably ate too much food right? At least you didn’t gain a few pounds from it. Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

Purdue is ranked number 4 in the AP and 6 in the ESPN. I like the AP more than the ESPN poll. I don’t see the sense on why ESPN had to make their own poll. But that is just me.

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Afternoon Dump

The best image circulating of Tiger Woods [Sportress of Blogitude]
Hines Ward may have been to honest with the media [The Sporting Blog]
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My combeack Colts are the AFC South champs [FanHouse]
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Wake your GF like this (language NSFW) [Reel Pretty]
How to date a girl almost as hot as Adriana Lima [Bro Bible]
Things overheard at Thanksgiving [Holy Taco]
The old space mountain was cooler [Asylum]
Wow, this hotel has a lot of famous hotties in it [Guyism]
A great Monday morning pick me up – Vida Guerra [Tasty Booze]
Looks like the Disco could be fun [Dj Mick]
Awesome backsides [Buge Hoobs]

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