Rachel Uchitel (Photos): Night(s) With Tiger’s 3-Wood

Update: A new woman has stepped forward to tell the world that she slept with Tiger Woods and has the evidence to prove an affair. Jaimee Blue Sky Grubbs is preparing to become a world-wide sensation.

We come back from a self-imposed vacation and all hell has broken loose in the life of Tiger Woods.

First, the National Enquirer has him road beefing Rachel Uchitel, a NYC socialite who lost her fiance in the 9-11 attacks, and now the latest from TMZ is that Tiger told a buddy that he had to go buy a “Kobe Special,” a play on words for buying a ring to satisfy a pissed off wife.

The media fun, folks, has just begun. For the first time in his career, Tiger Woods is about to have that skin ripped off by the tabloids and media outlets that are a little tired of his squeaky clean image.

Oh, and before we forget, photos of Tiger’s rumored side piece of ass after the jump.

From reading the National Enquirer’s latest update on it’s Tiger Woods story, it seems the paper had reporters tracking him all the way up to his latest appearance in Australia.

Oh, and they were tracking Ms. Uchitel, too.

Rachel has even been caught in outright lies in specific comment responses to The ENQUIRER.

Rachel traveled to Australia to meet with Tiger while he played earlier this month in the Australian Masters, both sources said.   BUT Rachel initially told us she traveled there with a boyfriend.

In a later conversation, however, she admitted to The ENQUIRER she had lied about going to Australia with a boyfriend. She said she was in the country “for business.”

She also said she was not in Tiger’s hotel. But an Enquirer reporter eye witnessed her IN the hotel.

Well, she might have been in the hotel, but it wasn’t to see Tiger Woods.

Uh, oh, you know where this one is heading. The Enquirer is smart enough to follow the vixen throughout the hotel.

She then said she did not go to the floor of the hotel where Tiger was staying.

BUT an ENQUIRER reporter in Melbourne watched as Rachel checked in to the posh Crown Towers hotel, and went up to the 35th floor, which houses the hotel’s ritzy VIP Suite. Tiger was staying in the same hotel, according to local press reports.

Tiger is still staying quiet as his PR firm contrives some stupid response to the Thanksgiving Week horror. He still has to chat with the police who likely want to get some dirt and then call TMZ.

Even random U.S. newspapers are contacting PR firms to ask how they would handle a possible cheating scandal, hitting a fire hydrant and tree.

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