Thanksgiving Pig Out! Troy Aikman Looking Very Bearded, Bloated And Passed Out


So the turkey is starting to smell like cotton candy crossed with the fats of a once living animal. The potatoes are being whipped. The pumpkin pies are ready to be baked.

And your fat, lazy ass isn’t doing a damn thing besides trying to prepare a 3-team teaser for this afternoon’s games. Look, ladies, we don’t interfere with your kitchen. It’s all you.

Guys, we suggest you visit our friends at Vegas Gab to stare at Lariyah Daniels giant boobs and peruse the gambling info you need. Hey, might as well, the food isn’t ready.

Get the picks in, graze like a free range buffalo and sit back to get to know the Detroit Lions. Oh, and finish off the day with Colt McCoy’s girlfriend for dessert.

(Before we forget, passed out Troy Aikman guy video after the jump. Enjoy. Our day is officially over.)

Posted: Nov. 22, 2009

Premise of Video: It appears this was shot by @BenTurnerLive at some airport.  It’s unclear if the vlogger knows this gentleman. We wouldn’t suggest shooting video of a scary looking guy. Usually this is a great way to get your head beaten.

Climax of Video: Troy Aikman guy takes another breath and isn’t dead.

Conclusion: Your fat ass will look just like this at about 5:30 pm EST.