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The Jimmy Clausen Punch Video Parody


punch-clausenThe family has sold its weekend South Bend house. Charlie Weis is about to be fired. Jimmy has at least one black eye, maybe a double.

The Golden Boy is likely headed to the NFL and there isn’t much left for Domers besides a Stanford game and some irrelevant bowl showdown with someone who’ll beat them.

It’s all unraveling very quickly and is even leading to “Jimmy Clausen Gets Punched” parody videos.

Posted: Nov. 24, 2009

Premise of Video: Have you been following along? Jimmy gets cracked outside some South Bend bar. By a Notre Dame fan.

Climax of Video: Trent Reed is watching as Notre Dame loses to another weak opponent. The vending machine stocker has too much to drink and happens to assault someone outside some dive bar.

Conclusion: Insane turnaround time from the folks at Tauntr.com. We’re talking 12 hours of production and they have the first Jimmy gets punched video online. Now if we could only get Congress to act so fast.

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