The Afternoon Dump: Ref High-Fives Vince Young, Randy Moss Is Nice, Openly Gay Racehorse, Political Humor On The Web, Dog Gas Station Worker, Facebook Tips, Hottest Chicago Bliss Player, & Dana Marie From NYC



Danielle Ruiz is hot but doesn’t look happy in this photo.

Anyone excited for tomorrow? I am but I am not at the same time. I am because of all the food and football (minus the Colts not being on) but I am not because I will hear two questions over and over. “How is school going for you?” and “How is your love life?”

Either way I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving! Eat a lot of food so on Friday you just lay around all day.

Afternoon Dump
Referee seems to get along with Vince Young very well [The Sporting Blog]
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The first openly gay racehorse [Reel Pretty]
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Things to be thankful for Thanksgiving [BroBible]
The worst political humor on the web [Gunaxin]
Dog works at a Florida gas station. Seriously. [Guyism]
Don’t do these things on Facebook while having a girlfriend [Muff Slap]
Lauren just may be the hottest girl on Earth [The Hot Quest]
Who is the hottest Chicago Bliss player? [Buge Hoobs]
Zoe Saldana has the details [MoonDog Sports]
10 Latina’s to give thanks too [Anyguey]
Erika Schwarzgruber is one gorgeous lady [uncoached]
Dana Marie is from NYC [Frat Fury]

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