Jimmy Clausen Sucker Punched By Notre Dame Fan


David Kaplan of WGN Radio broke the news last night that Jimmy Clausen was involved in an early Sunday morning scuffle outside a South Bend bar/restaurant known to be a hangout for Notre Dame players.

At 2:30 a.m. an altercation took place outside CJ’s Pub according to sources who say an irate Notre Dame fan jumped Clausen. Supposedly Clausen suffered at least one black eye and maybe two but will be fine for this week’s game at Stanford.


From Kaplan’s report:

The Tribune’s Brian Hamilton reports that a South Bend police spokesman said Monday no police reports were filed over the weekend that involved Clausen. The particulars of the confrontation are thus unclear, though a person answering the phone at CJ’s, the bar in question, said the incident “absolutely did not take place inside the bar.”

Folks, we hate to be the bearer of bad news but nothing good happens to high profile athletes in a college town after midnight.

That doesn’t mean we condone jumping Clausen. We don’t even know the whole story, but we have a hard time believing Jimmy was in the bar just enjoying some potato skins and iced teas with family and teammates.

Maybe he was minding his own business. Maybe a fan saw one final chance to take out his aggression on the face of Notre Dame’s disastrous football season.

All we’re saying is that if your high-profile QB is hanging out in the bars it’s highly likely that your college football team isn’t ranked in the top five of the AP or USA Today.

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