2009 Hooters Dream Girls Photo Shoot Looks Chesty, Implant-tastic!


Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor was working his sources this morning when he pulled photos of the fantastic action from last week’s 2009 Hooters Dream Girl shoot that took place in the, um, Virgin Islands.

It’s a yearly ritual where some dude who opened a concept restaurant gets to take women to an exotic locale and hope they’ll get drunk and wanna go back to his room. It’s a genius move and it’s not like we’re talking brain surgeons. (Don’t hate us, ladies, just pointing out the obvious.)

Yeah, photos, after the jump.


We suppose all of these ladies must work at an actual Hooters to be a contestant in the Dream Girl competition.

Whatever. So the ladies had an entire week to play in the sand, the water, with each other and drive men crazy who just happened to be in town when God dropped 16 of these implant-tastic wonders of plastic surgery into their laps.

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