Daily Dump: Devin Hester’s Bare Ass, Scalping At Temple Football Game!, Bud Adams Sends Bills Fan A Note, Eric Wood’s Leg Snapping, Tito Ortiz Crying Again, Some Jasmine Dustin And Mena Suvari’s Ass In Sweats!@!



Marisa Miller will not be eating stuffing and mashed potatoes this week.

Had a busy weekend here at BC HQ, hence no posting. That’s what happens when Ohio State-Michigan comes on at 12 EST and you’re at the bar at around 11:45 a.m. Our asses are getting too old for such days of drinking.

Anyway, the AFC North had a great weekend. 4 losses including the Bengals taking a shit on themselves. If you cannot beat the Raiders don’t even think about doing shit in the playoffs. The Bungwads are still pretenders and their history of playing down to competition rolls along.

We’ll have your GameDay signs and news of one of our favorite cheerleaders being injured over the weekend. Sad news.



Today’s Dump:

…we get the week started with fat people who’ll destroy a Thanksgiving meal [Manofest]


Yep, that would be Devin Hester’s bare black ass on NBC for all to see [Detroit4Lyfe]

Bud Adams redeems his double-barrel flip off mistake with a letter to Bills fan [Sporting Blog]

Yep, there is a second woman who was terrorized by Erin Andrews stalker [NY Daily News]

Wanna lose your breakfast? Watch Bills’ lineman Eric Wood having his leg snapped [Shutdown Corner]

Tito Ortiz is officially back and bitching better than ever before [CageWriter]

Best Sign Of The Weekend: Hey, Coach Rodriguez, We Love You! [Eleven Warriors]

Speaking of criers : A great story from Dexter Manley about making Danny White pout [DC Sports Bog]

Mark it on your calendar – Warriors dancers release calendar Dec. 5 [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

The Sexiest Woman Born In 1977 – a year with a special place in BC’s heart [Guyism]

Oh, and how about a littly Rosy to get your ass rolling for this short work week? [Uncoached]

Jasmine Dustin has to be the hottest woman to ever come out of New Hampshire [Coed]

How could we not bring you Mena Suvari’s ass in these sweats [HQ-Celebrity]

…and finally, some hand bra action to get your Monday moving [Spewf]

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