Part Two: Is Alizee Paradis The Hottest College Athlete Of The Decade!


Two words for TotalProSports: suck it.

First things first.

You: Why are those photos of Alizee Paradis covered with Busted Coverage logos?

BC: Because we are tired of being ripped off by a certain blogger who thinks it’s ok to do such a thing. That certain blogger,, came to us way back in February looking for advice on how to gain a bigger readership and how to be successful with this blogging thing. So we helped. Night after night. Question after question. Chat after chat. For months. Of course TPS wanted us to give him links so that he could get his site off the ground. So BC, being the nice guys, linked day after day.

And then, suddenly, our posts were being ripped off on a semi-daily basis.

No credit for doing the leg work building posts from the ground up. Finding the photos. Discovering unique individuals. Unearthing models that happen to be hot and have a foot in the sports world. We ordered Kevin The Intern to never link to TotalProSports ever again back in July. He’d burned us too many times.

And then this past Saturday it came to our attention that we’d been hosed to the highest level. TotalProSports took our entire post on Alizee Paradis. All the photos. All the links. And made it look like he did the leg work. Sure there was a half-assed rewrite of the concept. But who came up with the concept while some lazy ass is in bed?

Our post: Nov. 11 (headline)

Alizee Paradis Is Hottest NCAA (Female) Athlete Of The Decade Nominee

And the next day (Nov. 12) from TotalProSports.

Alizee Paradis is One Of The Hottest Female NCAA Athletes Ever

With no credit at all. Then he started a Digg entry with his Eagles7977 account that would eventually go to the front page, which in the world of blogging means a huge pageviews payday. 50k views on a Digg FP is a low estimate of traffic.

Then the post was picked up by the NY Daily News. Then The Chive.

And yet not a single line of credit from TPS. Why are we just now tackling this subject? Because BC writer Art McGregor wrote to us last night pissed off his work had been ripped off. Yeah, we pay him. Actual money.

Isn’t this all a little childish, you ask. Well, yes, but believe it or not there are some unwritten rules in the blogging world. Be nice. Some idiots don’t play ball and then there are hundreds of other guys who couldn’t be nicer.

We have sent a nice young couple to a Vikings-Packers game so they could see Brett Favre. We’ve linked to many, many sites who’ll never be able to reciprocate the traffic BC has sent. We’ve given away awesome Christmas gifts to readers during our FREE SH!T FRIDAY contests. BC has been allowed into readers/bloggers houses. We’ve been given access to a world that was never available to some guy from Ohio before Busted Coverage. We’ve made friends for life. For over two years Busted Coverage has been built on the premise to be nice and things will take care of themselves.

And then an idiot comes along and does us wrong. He’ll continue to do his thing and there is nothing Busted Coverage can do about it. He has his Digg buddies who’ll continue to push his work to the front page of Digg. He’ll continue to pay people to submit his posts to Digg. Again, our hands are tied.

So……all we ask is to continue to support Busted Coverage and visit on a daily basis.

Oh, and how about more Alizee Paradis. Last night we told Art to drop more Alizee on you guys. He obliged. This time we’ve tagged the pics. TPS better hire a great Photoshop guy.
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