Daily Dump: KKK Tailgating At LSU-Ole Miss, Bet On Charlie Weis Replacement, Suns Dancer Is Miss Arizona, Farting In Ref’s Face, Maxim Ladies Cleaning Cars/Each Other, Ciara Looking Decent And If Celebrities Were Fat

Megan Fox. Leg raises. Boner.

The news hit us like a ton of bricks. Oprah is finished. In 2011.

To be honest, it caused us to curl up and cry like we were in her audience and she was giving away cookbooks. This black woman has been allowed into our lives on a daily basis and in return humanity has made her very rich.

We’ll miss O and will have to start DVRing the show so there will always be memories of this great lady.

Very sad.


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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with a Utah senator who is tired of gays “stuffing it down his throat” [Guyism]

Glad we got that Ole Miss trip in early – KKK coming to Oxford for rally [Daily Reveille]

You can actually bet on who’ll be replacing Charlie Weis’ giant ass at ND [Dr. Saturday]

Don’t forget your “We Are Terrible Towel” for Sunday’s Lions-Browns game [The Angry T]

Yes! Dreams do come true – former Suns dancer becomes Miss Arizona [Blaze of Love]

The world is full of douchebags and they happen to be Ravens fans who get married [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

In other douchebag news, a soccer player gets yellow card for farting in ref’s face [Sports Rubbish]

Very sad news for Buckeye fans – Stefanie Spielman dies [10 News]

For No Good Reason: 10 Train Wreck Wrestling Promos [Gunaxin]

10 Mascots Being Very Inappropriate [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

HOLY F-in’ Sh!t! Maxim chicks cleaning a car [Top Cultured]

You Like Hot Chicks Smoking Cigs? Here you go! A Gallery. [Coed]

Your daily dose of Tila Tequila being drunk and trying to strip [Totally Crap]

Lori Loughlin rocking some of that “I’m old & experience” cleavage [Don Chavez]

And on the other end of spectrum….Ciara making us pitch a tent [CelebSlam]

ZZzzzzzz….the latest hot chick with giant cans to pop up on the net [Uncoached]

What about an Asian to get you through the weekend? Elly Tran Ha [Caveman Circus]

Bebestar is a bikini model who can make a car look like it’s right off showroom floor [HGOM]

NSFW: Kayden Kross doing a shoot that tries to be glamourous but exposes some nip [The Beer Goggler]

Weather in the U.S. have you down? Hit the beach where all the ladies are bronze [DJ Mick]

…and finally an awesome gallery of “If Celebrities Were Fat” [CelebJihad]

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