Oregon’s Jackie Chelf & Katelynn Johnson: Hottest College Cheerleader Senior/Freshman Combination


Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor is at it again.

He has discovered what we are calling “America’s Hottest College Freshman Cheerleader.”

Say hello to Jackie Chelf, an Oregon freshman who just happens to cheer for the hottest cheerleading team in college football history, according to single BC editors who know such things in life.

To save you a Google search: her Facebook account.

As a sidenote, you also get a glimpse at what four years of UO cheerleading will mean to a woman’s body. Katelynn Johnson will leave school so hot she’ll get modeling offers and a shot at cheering for the Portland Trailblazers.


Exported from Sweden? Nope, just freshman UO cheerleader, Jackie.

So today’s examination of the Oregon cheerleaders will start with a look at Ms. Chelf who is in her first year of cheerleading.

It’s unclear where these smoking hot cheerleaders come from on the West Coast. It’s like Sweden has started exporting its teens to cheer for LeMichael James.

Anyway….we start with Jackie Chelf.







Then there is the senior Katelynn.

Art was following Ms. Johnson during the summer when she was busy boating in a bikini. Of course we were instant fans.

We’ll just end by saying that there will be two lucky bastards in this world who’ll end up waking up to these ladies on a daily basis. And we hate both of you.

Hate is a strong word and we just used it. HATE!

[University of Oregon Cheerleaders]


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