FSU Cowgirl Brittney Guiddy & Giant Boobs Join Forces With TE Caz Piurowski


Busted Coverage reader/resident Florida State Cowgirls afficianado Christian writes:

I was drunk and gonna message her (Cowgirl Brittney Guiddy) but thank jesus I figured out who her boyfriend was before I did that.  It’s 6’7” 271 lb Caz Piurowski from Florida State.  Fricken beast could snap me but real cool dude, monster on the field.

Well, look Christian, there isn’t anything wrong with sending a hot chick a drunken message. Just change your name, cancel the Facebook account and figure out who’s basement will be cozy for like 3-5 months.

Any animal named Caz has two things on his mind: poon and kicking ass. Hiding and sending him Latvian hookers is always an option. How long have the Caz-ster & The Cowgirl been dating? They are to the “I’ll make sign and take it to a football game,” stage. Yeah, over/under on sexy time times sits at 65.

Then Christian attached multiple photos of Guiddy so that all of you could see what he’s lusting over.

Of course we’ll make you see those pictures after the jump.


Busted Coverage has been aware of Guiddy for a couple years now. She’s sorta like FSU football. Men pay attention when the Seminoles happen to be on TV but other than that we feel there are multiple comparibles in society.

Not to say that Brittney isn’t hot. We’d bed her down and be reading the latest Esquire in about 5-9 minutes. Tops.

But the real point here is that Florida State is so yesterday. Things sorta jumped the shark when Sterger left town and Bowden lost – multiple -games.

Busted Coverage would even encourage the Cowgirls to possibly disband for a couple of years. Get a new crop of ladies and come back strong for the next coaching regime.

So….we’ll address Brittney’s strengths and weaknesses before FSU’s season is officially over.

• Catholic

• Supported McCain-Palin (that was our guess all along)

• 2008 FSU Miss Congeniality (had that on the money line -195)

• Is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan

• Econ/Communications major (job at CNBC post college -110)

[Brittney Guiddy – Facebook]

Know a hot college chick dating a college football stud/bench warmer? Send in some pics!






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