Enrique Santos Black Face Pisses Off Sammy Sosa’s White Face

And the Sammy Sosa white face hilarity continues.

Sosa celebrated his birthday last weekend in Miami so there were the usual gaggle of Latino & Latina types. Picture a room full of people named Jose, Roberto and Shakira.

Anyway, Sosa invited local radio guy Enrique Santos, a guy who is well known for his morning radio show where he is sorta like the Howard Stern of Spanish America.

Of course Santos is going to make a scene. It makes for great radio. Cue up the Latino guy wearing a black face in honor of the birthday boy!

Of course Sammy was offended. It was his party, you tool.

“I’m currently using a cream which has darkened my complexion,” Santos says. “Ironically, Sammy is going through the same process, but the cream he is using is making him white.” While on the red carpet doing interviews, Santos was approached by a publicist who asked him what he was doing, telling Santos, “You can’t make fun of him,” and ultimately kicking him out of the affair. “I explained to her that it was a special cream I was using that darkened my face and then I asked her, ‘How many women in here are wearing makeup?” but she wasn’t having it,” Santos tells us. “Was I not white enough for Sammy’s party or have the millions gotten to his head–I mean skin?”

Yeah, who the [email protected] are you to make fun Sammy? Look, this happens to be one of the best practical jokes of the sports year.

So not only has Sammy gone white but now he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Wait until Cubs fan gets a chance to visit Wrigley Field next year. There will be a shortage of flour in that city. You’ll have entire rows of men who’ll look like their faces were smashed into a five-gallon bucket of White Lily flour.

Memo to Sosa: lighten up.

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