Jets-Raiders Chick Fight Because Of The Face Kick

jets-raiders-chick-fight…from Busted Coverage’s continuing team coverage from the  “Chicks Beating Chicks Asses Files.”

Ladies have officially gone into “we will not take shit from the same chromosome,” mode.

Somehow this one slipped past the NY tabloid media who strives to make such incidents front page material which is then picked up by Good Morning America and then mainstream newspapers from across the country join in the fray.

Here we have a perfectly nice Raiders game until a couple of chicks (one with nice cans, by the way) who decide it’s go time.

Posted: Nov. 8, 2009

Premise of Video: The ladies have most likely had a few cocktails, cervezas, tequila shots, etc. One thing leads to another  and it appears a beer goes flying. Then comes an overhand right from busty chick. Then it’s on.

Climax of Video: The face kick! How awesome is that! We’ve watched thousands of crowd fights and can’t remember a woman pulling that move out of her move purse.

Conclusion: The Year of the Pissed Off Chromosome rolls on. Wheeee!

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