Bud Adams Unleashes Middle Fingers At Titans-Bills

bud-adams-middle-finger-smallBud Adams has always been a badass NFL owner.

He told Houston to improve the Astrodome or suck it. The city half-assed the improvements (in Bud’s mind) and so he moved his team to Nashville.

He lost his wife of 62 years in February. His multi-million dollar first-round draft pick QB has been a huge bust. One of his best picks ever was shot to death over the summer. Bud Adams seems to have had it – with everyone.

Posted: Nov. 15, 2009

Premise of the Video: (from the vlogger) Tennessee Titans 86 year old owner Bud Adams flipping the bird at the Buffalo Bills in today’s game. Roger Goodell was in his box. Wonder if he’ll get fined. Shot with my iPhone 3G.

Climax of Video: Bud Adams flipping the double-barrel bird. A single bird would have been cool enough but the codger went with the double for emphasis, we suppose.

Conclusion: That guy has some serious style. Awesome suit. Glasses. Is it possible he’s showing off for a new piece of ass arm candy? We can’t see any sensible reason for middle fingers from such a respected owner.

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