BREAKING! JT Bowtie Says He's Hanging Up The Bow Tie, Retiring Asshole Character

Posted: 9 Hours Ago (as of this typing)

Premise of Video: Taylor Fortinberry, also known as JT Bowtie to YouTube junkies, says he is retiring the character he developed at the beginning of the 2009 college football season. The premise of the character was to agitate SEC fans, which would make him a cult hero to ‘Bama fans.

Climax of Video: Fortinberry says he’s going to channel his energy towards God, family and something else. By that time we were in tears and choked up.

Conclusion: We’re calling bullshit on this one. Seriously, ‘Bama and the Gators are on a collision course to what should be the Game of the Year. If this is the end of the road we feel honored to have been apart of the combovers run as the biggest sideshow in the SEC this season.

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