Daily Dump: Kim Kardashian Working Over A Popsicle, A Putting Green Bra, Mike Tyson Arrested, Ochocinco To Fight Anderson Silva?, Jon Gruden To Notre Dame?, Kerry Rhodes Listens To Coldplay And Sara Jean Underwood Does Yoga


Yep, that is actually ARod’s bed beef these days. Kate Hudson for Elle magazine.

What! Brady Quinn is back for the Browns?

That means we have to rerun the Brady Quinn Is Gay post. Poor guy is playing to increase his trade value, we suppose. There is no possible way this guy is the starting QB for Cleveland in September 2010.

And then we get the news that Griffey fans (like us) will get one more shot at seeing Junior leg out another year in baseball. That actually makes our day and it has just started.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the putting green that doubles as a bra [Sports Rubbish]

Gentlemen, start your popsicle in Kim Kardashian’s mouth fantasies [CelebSlam]

Oh, look, Kardashian with a happy Saints fan [Joe Sports Fan]

There he is! Mike Tyson in the back of a police cruiser for battery [YBF]

Would Jon Gruden really consider coaching Notre Dame? [ProFootballTalk]

Ochocinco at it again – wants to fight Anderson Silva [CageWriter]

Kerry Rhodes listens to Coldplay on his iPod [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

While we’re on trashy sports news – Ric Flair actually at a Wal-Mart [People of WalMart]

Jon Runyan has had enough of your political bullshit, could run for Congress [HHR]

10 Funniest Moments In (YouTube) Sports Fan History [Manofest]

A pair of Nikes that Bill Gates can really appreciate, wear [Deuce of Davenport]

Today’s Tail:

YES!! The Competition To Become A Victoria’s Secret Model [Asylum]

There is a God! Sara Jean Underwood mixes Playboy and yoga [Brahsome]

It almost seems impossible that Sofia Vergara is 37 & looks like this [Gunaxin]

And even more hotness from that Tony Hawk Skatepark gala [Guyism]

We provide Laura to our chocolate-chick-liking audience [HailMaryJane]

And something for the Filipino loving guys in the audience [Coed]

Sara Paxton has that “I’m innocent until getting into bed,” look [Spewf]

Cameron Richardson felt a vibration and it was cold [ScreenJunkies]

Let’s see….Loren has a huge chest and likely no problem getting a date [FratFury]

…and finally, the pullout sign that’ll be the talk of the auto-body shop [BroBible]