Brooke Hundley (Photos) Cries To Good Morning America, Tired Of Being Called ‘C’ Word


Brooke Hundley has finally come out of her hiding place to chat about being sorry about ruining her career, going batshit crazy on Marni Phillips and bringing such shame to herself.

In a weird twist to all this Good Morning America got the first interview with the former Disney employee Hundley who would like you to know she’s not a cunt, whore or whatever you have called her.

And Brooke also wants you to know she’s not the pig that Jay Leno made her out to be.


The homewrecker (ooops, we said it) tells GMA:

Hundley said she and Phillips have resolved their issues, but she said she hopes “he would grow up and take responsibility for his own actions.”

“I’ve been called things by the public that no woman should ever be called,” she said. “I couldn’t go a day without getting, you know, 200 messages in my inbox from people that have never met me, just labeling, just calling me names. I’ve been called the ‘C’ word. I’ve been called a whore. I’ve been called a homewrecker.”

What, going to sex rehab where there are nurses isn’t good enough for you? Steve has stepped up to protect himself against the upcoming Nantz-ing he’s going to take from Marni.

“I think people are so quick to make a judgment without ever … I don’t know if they want to know the details,” Hundley said. “It’s almost like, ‘Here’s a great story. Here’s a great chance for me to destroy a person,’ without any sense of really thinking about the fact that there’s a human being behind those words.

It is a great story. It’s a story about how a moron would give up his multi-million-dollar fortune for three times inside this chick.

Those details better come out. Soon.

[Brooke Hundley – GMA]