Nightcapper: UF Senior Model Elle And Tim Tebow Will Dominate Your November

Two things are on our radar this evening and for the rest of the month.

We’re working with our connections at the University of Florida to bring you more of Gator senior Elle (above) because we think she’s the hottest thing to hit this site in months and maybe this year.

And two, it’s time to realize that Tim Tebow is leading the Heisman race, according to the numbers released today via USA Today. Superman is ahead of Mark Ingram (41 to 38 points) and the winner of the SEC Championship will most likely take home the title unless McCoy somehow goes nuts in November.

So, for the next 4-5 weeks (at least) you’ll be seeing much more of Elle and Tebow, if we successfully beg Elle’s agent for more shots.

Are you a hot chick that would like to put on a Colt McCoy jersey and join this party? Hit us up.

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