Daily Dump: Joe Cada Wins World Series Of Poker, Ohio State Cheerleaders Get Grabby, Shaq’s Wife Going To Nantz His Ass, Clemson Rowing Team Greatness, Great Moments In Hogging, 100 Fatigue Foxes, Shakira’s Hair FAIL And Hot Chicks/Suckers


You have to see Menia Mathioudaki to really appreciate a Greek woman.

The World Series of Poker is finally over and the youngest champion ever was crowned last night in Las Vegas.

Poker writing legend Pauly from Tao of Poker was there for the final table and has a full recap way better than you’ll see anywhere else on the Internet. And he’ll talk about pot and Vegas hookers. It’s a great read if you have the time.

Joe Cada won it and took home just over $8.5 million. And then probably went out and bought a few new PSP games. Such is youth.



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