Ohio State Now 2-0 In Happy Valley Since Pikes Pelted Buckeye Fans With Beer Cans

ohio-state-psu-beer-pikesWe can gauge our two-year anniversary of being in the blogging business when Ohio State plays Penn State.

It was two years ago when we discovered a video of Penn State Pikes throwing full cans of beer at Ohio State students who were at a frat party. The video went viral and the rest was history. And of course we did a follow-up post where we found the videographer in some gay-ish moments.

The last laugh is Ohio State running its record to 2-0 since that day. Suck it, State.

Posted: Nov. 2, 2007

Premise of Video: Penn State morons get drunk and see a couple of guys in Ohio State jerseys. A few of them have full beers and figure the right thing to do is to make the cans into flying objects.

Climax of Video: “This is Penn State, bitch.” ……”You are the man!”

Conclusion: We’re sure all of those who made this happen are

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