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Nightcapper: Girls Kicking Ass Becoming A National Pandemic

Was pandemic the proper use of the English language to make our point? Probably not. Deal with it.

Posted: Nov. 9, 2009

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) Briana vs. Morgan at Basketball court. This, frankly, is a pretty awesome fight featuring girls who have joined other chick ass kickers making a name for themselves. Like, have you seen the video from the Rhode Island girls soccer state championship? These maniacs mean business and will soon be making their husbands do dishes and laundry.

Climax of Video: The punches are great but stick with this one until the end. Watch as some little black kid starts pushing the adult so that the fight can continue.

Conclusion: Girls need to get back to baking cakes, serving men’s wishes and being womanly. Enough of this estrogen craziness.

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