Logical Question: Will Jenn Sterger eBay Her Breast Implants?


So long to those mounds that mesmerized millions of men who thought that they were just going to see Bobby Bowden shots all night long.

Goodbye to boobs that instantly made men pay attention to Florida State women more than their own wives.

To Jenn Sterger’s implants, we say it’s been one helluva ride.

But, as we all know, implants can only take you so far and Jenn Sterger is ready to find out what life is like on the other side.

Without giant jugs on her chest.


In a riveting blog post that went live this morning, Jenn opens up about her computer, life, her breasts and an upcoming piece written for the December issue of Cosmo.

The article was the final collaboration between my Hewlett and me, our grand finale of sorts. Given our time together these past few years it only seemed appropriate that he close this chapter of my life with me. Some may say I’m being overly sentimental over just a piece of hardware. Some would even argue that I shared the same sentiments about my breasts. They wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But we can’t help the things we find an emotional attachment to, even if to some they seem just an ordinary material object.

And then in a narccistic twist, she tweeted to her legions of fans that the blog post was “hot off the presses.”

Look, here is the deal with Ms. Sterger, she needs the attention men gave her because of boobs, college choice and her availablity to be photographed in a bikini.

So…..here is our suggestion. EBay those puppies.

If Stacy Keibler can get $275+ for a bikini, just think of what Jenn could get from Tallahassee bar owner who needs a novelty item to draw visitors.

Seriously, anyone know if women are allowed to keep their implants after the excavation? The way we see it, you pay for them, you keep them. Party favors.


[Officially Jenn]


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