Rick's Cabaret Offers Mr. Crutch 100 Strippers, Free Champagne Toast


ricks-mr-crutch-smallRick’s Cabaret, a Busted Coverage favorite for it’s amusing press releases, is back at it again thanks to the craftiness and ability to be creative with its stripper offerings.

We got an email from Lonnie Hanover, yeah the guy famous from Howard Stern show lore, giving us Rick’s offer to Mr. Cruth himself, Hideki Matsui.

Lonnie and the ladies would like the Japanese import (with a giant porn collection!) to stop by – with his wife!


The Rick’s press release:

Yankee Hideki Matsui, MVP of the World Series, has a big fan club at Rick’s Cabaret.  Several of the club’s sexiest sirens speak Japanese and want to “show and tell” their hero exactly how they feel about him.  “We want to give him his own personal Victory Parade at Rick’s – 100 girls toasting him with champagne!” declared Suki, 34D-23-32. “We know he’s married and we hope he’ll bring his wife!  Everyone wants to dance for the woman that won his big heart,” added 23 year-old Swedish beauty Elke, 36DD-27-35.

Isn’t it refreshing to read a press release where a woman’s stats are included?

That’s why we are big fans of Lonnie and Rick’s. They understand what men are looking for in life. It’s the small things that separate them from the rest of the jokers bombarding our inbox with requests.

We’re also impressed by Elke’s sentence structure and command of the English language.

To the victors go the spoils!

[Rick’s NYC]

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