Pick Six: Stare At New York Giants Super Fan Jess Snyder And Take Florida State, Oklahoma & Giants



You have no idea how many “Check Out My Gambling Picks” emails get through our email spam filter. Some retard in Muncie, Indiana thinks he’s the next Jimmy “The Greek” and blasts us with ‘can’t misses.’

While we appreciate the enthusiasm of these gambling gurus, the links never include poon. Enter Busted Coverage Special Assignment Editor Art McGregor’s new series – Pick Six.

Took a pretty bad beat this past Saturday with Iowa’s inconceivable (just a few minutes prior) cover. Greater scheme, doesn’t really matter. I’m putrid at picking games this season. The stats don’t lie. Most of the time, I ain’t even close!

I decided to give you all a 12-pack this week instead of the normal pictures x 6. Felt it was the least I could do to try to win back some fans not that I have any fans anywhere.

Again, I’m fairly confident this week. I look at this board and sincerely think I have six winners.

That’s 18 winners for you guys (12 pictures of New York Giants super fan Jess Snyder and six from me).

Jess is a 23-year-old “model” residing near Tampa, Fla. She passes with flying colors most of the requirements I have for a girl as well passing with flying colors for different colored Giants jerseys.

She should be a happy girl Sunday evening or any of the other 165 hours of the week. I won’t be. I’ll be still nursing a nasty hangover and smarting from an Ohio State loss to Penn State.

Oops, just gave you 19 winners.

LAST WEEK: 2-4 OVERALL: 22-31-1

Florida State +7.5 over CLEMSON (7:45 p.m., ESPN)
Maybe it’s because I’m living in the moment, but this year seems to be a down year for “big college football Saturdays.” We’ve had some lousy slates of games week in and week out. I also have never “lived for the moment (ever)” as I spend most of my waking hours near a computer or watching television.

Oklahoma -5.5 over NEBRASKA (8 p.m., ABC)
Remember when this used to be a big game? Remember how someone has said that exact same thing for like the past seven years? That’s Art McGregor for ya. Not only is he lousy at picking games, he’s also lousy at original thoughts!

Fresno State -7 over IDAHO (10:30 p.m., ESPNU)
I just took a deep breath and said to myself, “now what is it that I say about this game?” I think I’m getting a Frosty tonight.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS -6.5 over Kansas City Chiefs (1 p.m., CBS)
Jax Jags (not to be confused with a character on General Hospital) are a real up-and-down team this season. If you can’t get up for the Kansas City Chiefs, well, you’re like 30 other NFL teams. [INSERT “THAT SAID”] That said, I can’t believe the line is this low. Probably a sucker bet.

NEW YORK GIANTS -5 over San Diego Chargers (4:15 p.m., CBS)
Jess Snyder Special. Would it be totally gay if I asked a girl to put on a football jersey, wear eye black and pigtails for me? Probably!

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 over DENVER BRONCOS (Mon., 8:30 p.m., ESPN)
My roommate and I hatched a plan to combine the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers (actually just putting Josh Cribbs and Shaun Rogers on the Steelers) and making them the Cleveburgh Strowns. In my finest Pittsburgh accent … HERE WE GO, STROWNS. DO DO. HERE WE GO, STROWNS! CLEVEBURGH IS GOIN’ TO DA SUPAH BOWL.






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I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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