Elizabeth Lambert (Photos) Is New Mexico’s Dirty Soccer Player, Makes Women’s Soccer Fun




Women’s college soccer is officially on our radar after University of New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert made SportsCenter last night for her destruction of BYU players in the Mountain West semifinals match.

We’re sorry to say that it was the last game of the year for Lambert. New Mexico lost.

But the hair pulling, punches to the back and cheap shots will go down in history (or at least 4-5 days in the blogosphere).

Video of the fun after the jump…

Posted: November 5, 2009

Premise of Video: An attempt to make UNM defender Elizabeth Lambert look dirty. We actually think unless a player is kicked out it’s all good. Lambert is just doing her job like a hockey defender clearing trash in front of his/her goalie.

Climax of Video: 4 seconds in and Lambert goes to the hair pulling. Awesome!

Conclusion: Lambert is a junior so she’ll be back and will be a darling of the Internet. Believe us. We’re efforting photos, Facebook account, MySpace account, bikini shots, etc. because you freaks demand such shit.

Don’t miss the video below where a BYU player Carley Payne points to the scoreboard and pretty much says “Suck it, beeotch.”

If you have photos of Elizabeth Lambert you’d like to see published on Busted Coverage, contact us.



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