Bartender/Blogger Claims Ruben Patterson Is A No Tipping Cheap Bastard


ruben-patterson-tipping-habitsIt’s either a slow day or a really good story when former NBA baller Ruben Patterson makes his way onto Busted Coverage.

In this case, it’s a good story.

Brad at the sports blog Twin Killing happens to work as a bartender in Cincinnati when he’s not pumping out prose. Here is what he wrote yesterday about a recent cheap bastard tipping moment with Patterson and his boyz.


Brad claims:

A few Sundays ago Ruben Patterson (weighing a good 260) and his crew strolled into my bar, ordered Goose and Patron like the plane was going down, ran up a $209 bill…and tipped us Zero Dollars and Zero Cents.

And then defends his claim:

(Note: I didn’t take the picture of Patterson’s receipt, which explains why his signature isn’t in the photo. (1.) If you really need me to, I can produce the copy with his signature. (2.) His middle name is Nathaniel, which is represented on the bill by the letter “N,” just another way prove the legitimacy of this post. (3.) Why am I going out of my way to prove the legitimacy of something [i.e., being stiffed by a scumbag millionaire] everybody already believes?)

Now we want to take the high road and say Patterson left some cash on the table. Maybe he left 15% or two $20s.

Is it possible Ruben ordered his boys to take care of the staff and was fresh out of bills? Um?

But in the end a former NBAer who was at one time worth millions left a blogger/bartender wondering if he was going to be able to pay his Internet provider. That is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated by Brad’s brothers in type.

What are we going to do about it? We haven’t gotten that far yet.

Know a good story about athletes piss poor tipping habits? Send us an email.

[Ruben Patterson Doesn’t Tip – Twin Killing]



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