From The Couch: A Sign That Should Get The K.C. Chiefs A Couple Victories This Year


Thanks to BC reader Ryan M. in Chicago for sending us this picture from what is said to be inside the Kansas City Chiefs locker room.

We’ll wait to hear it straight from that goofy assed Adam Schefter (currently tweeting about Marvin Lewis going to Oprah show) before confirming.

Any of you guys out there just want to smack his smiling face after about two minutes of his NFL Insider bullshit act. Yeah, like John Clayton couldn’t get the same info.

Trust us, we’re totally searching for pics of Schefter (with one of his gay-ish fans) partaking in some raging kegger on a Boston U. campus.

First person to find shots of Adam motorboating some implants wins a prize. This guy is just way too squeaky clean.

Send us awesome pictures. Busted Coverage will post them and try to make you famous.