3 All-Time Greatest Tim Tebow Halloween Costumes


As seen before the 2009 UGA-Florida showdown.

Busted Coverage wasn’t going to dabble in a Tim Tebow Halloween costume post until the above photo fell into our laps.

Simply put, the editors were smitten.

There has never been a single image of the Tebow years that captures the feelings of a nation like “L Bow” guy. Yes, freaks, those are sorta french-rolled camo Jorts®. Take that, jean Jorts® guy.

Our Indian Photoshop freelancers are still trying to determine if those are barbed wire tube socks.

Anyway, the BC “3 All-Time Greatest Tim Tebow Halloween Costumes” post continues after the jump…


Now, this guy’s outfit isn’t that great but when you turn in these photos, your drunken ass gets onto the all-time greatest list.

The final photo speaks for itself.

Is that Dan Shanoff on his knees?

Have one to add to the list? Send it in and we’ll update this post and make your wife/girlfriend proud.