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USC Song Girls Vs. Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders 2009 Recap: Multiple Videos And Multiple Angles


One of Busted Coverage’s long time favorite blogger, Tree’s Trunk, is back at it this week with a giant recap of the action at Autzen over the weekend.

Not the UO-USC on-field drama.

Instead, Tree has a world-class report on the Song Girls vs. the UO cheerleaders. It’s the Yankees-Red Sox of legs. The Khloe Kardashian vs. a box of Snickers royale. This is like the Len Bias documentary of Left Coast cheerleading.

“I mean, you the throw the Song Girls and the Oregon Cheer Squad together in the same stadium and who cares about football,” says Tree.


[GameDay: USC vs. Oregon – Tree’s Trunk]

usc-song-girls-uo-2 usc-song-girls-uo-4 usc-song-girls-uo-3

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