The Afternoon Dump: Tackle Your Teammate, Ole Miss To Kill Fight Song, 8 Myths About Cars, Jail For Horse, Double Face Plant, Marisa Miller Honors Military, Jennifer Corliss, & Chicks Love Top Gun



So what are your eyes drawn too in this picture?

Well Purdue won last night in their exhibition game. No surprise there.

Huge exam tomorrow, so no time to talk.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump
One rule about football: Don’t tackle your teammate [F Juice]
Chambers thinks team’s knowledge of personal problems cost him his job [TSB]
Ole Miss to kill fight song? [Buster Sports]
We just need the Phillies to win tonight [Major League Jerk]
Could the child whip up on daddy? [Sports Crackle Pop]
8 myths about car care explained [The Bachelor Guy]
Halloween at the White House [Asylum]
Brothels in Germany has some crazy bedrooms [uncoached]
Don’t get three years in jail for doing this to a horse.. [Sportress of Blogitude]
If you have nothing to do then why not a double face plant? [Reel Pretty]
Marisa Miller and Harley-Davidson honor the military [MoonDog Sports]
Reebok commercial so bad, it’s good [Tasty Booze]
Siobhan Parekh is 20 something and sexy [Head of Fred]
Jennifer Corliss is high-grade TNT [Buge Hoobs]
Hot chicks love the ‘Top Gun’ song [Holy Taco]

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