Kansas Jayhawks Fan Fails High Jumping Experiment

kansas-fan-fail-videoYes, that photo to the left is vague. It’s our new plan to trick Busted Coverage home page readers into clicking through to our video posts.

It appears to be a guy laying on a table. But what you’ll see after the jump is that Kansas Jayhawks fan actually is about to fall on his ass after attempting some stupid, drunken table jump.

Click through. Not to brag, but we pay Kevin The Intern big money because you do.

Posted: Oct. 31, 2009

Premise of Video: Kansas fan is at some party (Halloween, perhaps) where there was booze and a table with SEC cups. The guys got to challenging each other and someone suggested jumping over a table. The problem? They are white and don’t possess and extra calf muscle.

Climax of Video: This is all of 33-seconds so the action gets going quickly.

Conclusion: White people think two things will happen in 2009-2010: they’ll finally be able to jump over a table and the Jayhawks will roll to a Final Four title. 0-fer-1 so far, boys.

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