Cassie Keller Halloween News: America’s Hottest College Sophomore Gets Friendly W/ Real Cops

Cassie Keller Halloween, Gets Friendly W/ Real Cops

That would be a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week (NSFW) in front, fellas.

Imagine you are a cop and have to work Saturday night and it just happens to be Halloween, which means you’ll have to spend hours baby sitting drunken zombies, Michael Jacksons and Balloon Boys.

And then the call of a lifetime comes across your radio.

“We have a 10-22 complaint (loud music) at 2387 College Hill Dr.”

In your career there have been dozens of similar complaints, especially on Halloween.

You and Officer Jackson pull up to the non-descript apartment complex and both of you roll up to the door. Of course the music is loud and thumping. Jackson starts knocking. There is giggling.

And then the door opens.



Sometimes there is a Dispatcher God. Tonight, you are a winner in life.

And you get to help the community.

Out walk five Central Michigan University ladies, including the Busted Coverage annointed “America’s Hottest College Sophomore” Cassie Keller dressed as a slutty biker chick.

That, officers, is likely to be the only Playboy model you’ll ever visit with during your careers in Mount Pleasant, Mich.


One of Keller’s friends writes:

the cops came to our apartment two nights in a row because they loved us so much =) haha

Another friend writes:

the cops we became friends with haha i told them my name was tina and they knew we were plastered

And you guys thought being a cop meant years of busting crack whores and rapists. There are nights when the stars are aligned.

Busted Coverage promises to keep an eye out on any outtakes that might show the officers spanking the coeds or anything else that would jeopardize their jobs.

[Cassie Keller Nudes (WAY NSFW!@)]











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