Daily Dump: Halloween Suspender Bra, Penis Halloween Costume, Halloween Petition, New England Patriots Cheerleaders Halloween Costumes, Sophie Monk’s Halloween, Paris Hilton’s Halloween Pumpkin And A Porn Star’s Halloween Costume


halloween greatness suspender bra

The 51 Best Halloween Links On The Internet. Others can suck it.

As you can see we went a little nuts with the Halloween links because you freaks are sending them in and want to see all those hot, skanky chicks wearing barely anything at a party.

So we obliged.

Do us a favor, get really drunk and stupid but don’t hurt anyone….and send us your party pics.




Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Bob Knight saying “F@ck Off” to IU, again [Buster Sports]

Report: Kate Hudson lovvveessss ARod’s rod [The Daily Fix]

LaMarr Hoyt continues to live up to his hippie days, busted again [Joe Sports Fan]

Logical tradition after Phillies win – smoke a blunt on TV [The Fightins]

6 Reasons JJ Redick’s Rap Career Will Fail [Guyism]

Oregon State student makes insane beer pong table [The Chive]

Mike Leach says “fat little girlfriends” cost Texas Tech last weekend [Unathletic Mag]

Two of the world’s hottest figure skaters since it’s getting cold out [Spewf]

Give your penis a Halloween costume – The Dinosaur [Sublime Blog]

The Official Petition To Make Halloween A Weekend Holiday [The Bachelor Guy]

Guaranteed Halloween Costumes At Every Party [MadAtoms]

How To Actually Scare People On Halloween [Cracked]

Today’s Tail:

New England Patriots cheerleaders Halloween costumes [Don Chavez]

Sophie Monk’s Halloween costume [UseMyComputer]

Paris Hilton goes searching for her brain, finds a pumpkin [The Beer Goggler]

Seriously, her mother named her Virginie [Uncoached]

Chanelle Hayes will be dressing as a hot chick you won’t be touching [Frat Fury]

Petra Nemcova (pics included) would have slept with Rosie (no pics) [CelebSlam]

Jessica something…..licking….a PSP….[Holy Taco]

Not tired of Sexy Halloween Chicks? Here are more! [Gunaxin]

Into Elvira because it’s Halloween? Here is a huge gallery [Manofest]

When a porn star dresses up for Halloween [Asylum]

Carol is modeling swimwear for the summer of 2010 [HQ Models]

…and finally, if this is your girlfriend we’re sure you beat off – constantly [LameBook]

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