BC Special Presentation: The 25 Greatest Modern Day NFL Cheerleader Halloween Costumes



While others are busy compiling Halloween costume lists to prevent you from embarrassing yourself with the ladies, we’ve been on the prowl for the “25 Greatest Modern Day NFL Cheerleader Halloween Costumes.”

Our editors have delivered 25 photos that capture the spirit of cheerleaders dressing up for NFL Halloween weekend.

The decision process was difficult. The debate was furious.

How can one pick the perfect NFL cheerleader Halloween costume? For single men with no real prospects for ladies on the open market, we’d gladly trade emails with any of them.

In the end we flipped a coin and the schoolgirl look was our winner.


Even the shoes are authentic. This took great thought and execution. She knew that most guys in the crowd have an infatuation with schoolgirl porn. Smart move. Got our votes.

The losers in this very important contest are…


Looks like yet another schoolgirl 3rd from left. Perfect.

lrg-345-cheerleader102807_3174.JPG lrg-356-cheerleader102807_4651.JPG cheerleaders102906_2109.jpg cheerleaders102906_2003.jpg

cheerleaders102906_900.jpg lrg-150-cheerleaders102906_857.jpg 2672081427_a5cde5f431.jpg 2487616479_9e50a45353.jpg

2852855100_973d881aa0_o.jpg 2488433014_3c97ac06ec.jpg 2599828196_8023cca4e5.jpg

Further NFL Cheerleader Perusal:

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders do Fashion Week – in bikinis [The Angry T]

2009 New England Patriots cheerleaders do Halloween [Don Chavez]

Arizona State cheerleaders Halloween fun [Don Chavez]

While we’re at it…Iowa cheerleaders skiing in their underwear [Uncoached]

*Ed. Note: We knew you’d start complaining about more than 25 costumed ladies in these photos. If that crossed your mind, please look in the mirror and realize why you’ll be home alone tonight.
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