The Afternoon Dump: Delhomme Blues, Vince Young Is Back, TSN Poll Curse, Funny Demotivational Posters, 14 Hilarious Signs, Irina Sheik New Lingerie Photos, Emmanuela De Paula Shows Her Stuff, & Uncoachable Virginie Caprice



Who doesn’t like the looks of Daniela Pestova.

Did anybody check out the college basketball rankings by ESPN? Well Purdue is ranked 7th and there are 5 teams in the top 20 from the Big Ten. Link Here.

I put Windows 7 on my computer the other night. Much better than Vista. Lucky thing for me being in college is that if you have a .edu address it only cost $29.99 through Microsoft.

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Afternoon Dump

Delhomme was separated at birth with … [F Juice]
Looks like Vince Young is back [FanHouse]
Mike Leach has something to say about his players’ girlfriends [The Sporting Blog]
The mystery of the TSN poll curse [Sportress of Blogitude]
Paul Millsap becomes first poster boy of 2010 [Sports Crackle Pop]
Funny Demotivational posters about websites [Muff Slap]
14 hilarious signs about getting married [Top Cultured]
Do you lose man points for watching Glee? [These Initials Totally Stink]
Letters to annoying people to Halloween [Holy Taco]
I wouldn’t want to mess with these deep sea creatures [Asylum]
Irina Sheik has some new lingerie photos [MoonDog Sports]
Emmanuela De Paula shows off her @ss [Don Chavez]
The hottest porn stars (SFW) [Buge Hoobs]
Hello there Jewel [Guyism]
An incredible uncoachable babe, Virginie Caprice [uncoached]

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