The Afternoon Dump: Delhomme Blues, Vince Young Is Back, TSN Poll Curse, Funny Demotivational Posters, 14 Hilarious Signs, Irina Sheik New Lingerie Photos, Emmanuela De Paula Shows Her Stuff, & Uncoachable Virginie Caprice

Delhomme Blues, Vince Young Back, TSN Poll Curse, 14 Hilarious Signs

Who doesn’t like the looks of Daniela Pestova.

Did anybody check out the college basketball rankings by ESPN? Well Purdue is ranked 7th and there are 5 teams in the top 20 from the Big Ten. Link Here.

I put Windows 7 on my computer the other night. Much better than Vista. Lucky thing for me being in college is that if you have a .edu address it only cost $29.99 through Microsoft.

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Afternoon Dump

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