CraigsList World Series Sex Fiends: Is That Mike Piazza?, Yankees Shower Scene, 7th Inning Stretch And Pitchers/Catchers



Yesterday’s analysis of Craigslist World Series sex offers was such a hit here that we’ll be making it a continuing series until someone wins four games.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich was at it again over the last 12 hours and has some great prose from those who want to “pitch” and “catch.”

Let’s get it on!

“Big Gay Rich’s Greatest CraigsList World Series Sex Fiend Finds” after the jump…

Phillies Fans!

Mike Piazza? Is That You?

Instead of watching the game, why don’t you come over and lets play some games of our own.
Doesn’t matter if you’re a pitcher or a catcher,
Let me take care of your bat and balls. I’ll give them a good polishing.
This game can last as many innings as you have the stamina for.
Just sit back and relax and I’ll send you out of the park.
Unlike most baseball players, I won’t spit.


Not into baseball innuendo? Howabout this:
Come over and I’ll suck your cock.
Hard, fast, soft, slow – however you like it.
Fuck my face or lie back and I’ll do all the work.
Feed me as many loads as you want. No strings, no recip.

Hmm…Seems To Be A Handyman

“DESPERATE GUY NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) Diehard Phillies
fan–Tall, handsome, big tool box– in desperate need of two World Series
Tickets. Price negotiable— I’m the handyman type! Maybe we can help
each other!

She Has To Be Disgustingly Fat

The Phillies are once again in the World Series and I could really use someone to watch a game with, celebrate with, and just generally enjoy life with. Someone to make a nice meal with, curl up on the sofa with tp watch a game, laugh and enjoy the long winter nights.

No Schoolwork During The World Series?

Watching the world series and horney. Wanna play with me? I am a grad student, hung, in shape and free now.

Yankees Fans!

Wanting To Recreate The Jeter-ARod Shower Scene

Just finished the watching the World Series and I’m hot and bothered…

A-Rod and Jeter didn’t play well, but they’re both showering now…together…all soapy and,

Oh my, is it hot in here?

Hot mixed guy here…huge dick…masculine…hung like a horse. Nice, sane guy…

If you’re into baseball, or masculine and want to rub one out with anotehr masculine bro, hit me up.

Not Exactly Into World Series But Uses Baseball Terms Wisely

Yankees? Forgetaboutit! I’d rather have you YANK my cock.

Phillies? Who cares! I’m looking for a “filly” to saddle up and ride.

I’m tall, handsome, white and my cock is just fucking throbbing for a good fuck.

The 7th Inning Stretch

Watching the World Series and it’s making me f’ing hard! Looking to give some head, no recip nec unless that’s what you’re lookin for! This applies to any night this week or all day all weekend. If you want to talk before we chill just IM me…

Yankee Fans Are All About Teamwork

6’1, 185, good looking white Yankee fan with muscular gym build. Masculine suit/tie finance guy during the day wants to serve baseball fans tonight. If there’s a bunch of guys watching togther who all want to be blown, I’m your man. Will consider getting fucked (safe only) if I’m into the guys.

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