Yankees-Phillies CraigsList Sex Fiends Fired Up For World Series Action

The first Phillies fan to be arrested for trading possible BJs for tickets.

Today we go to the depths that not many sports blogs are willing to wander into.

The editors have decided that Busted Coverage Photo Editor Big Gay Rich should troll CraigsList to find what the sex wackos are looking for during the World Series.

Terms such as “pitchers” and “catchers” are being thrown around like $20s at an over-priced Manhattan strip club.

“Big Gay Rich’s Greatest CraigsList World Series Sex Fiend Finds” after the jump…

The Jeter Fan Who’ll Supply The Beer, BJs:

So you watching the 1st game of the World Series…..Maybe You and your budddies???

Well I am willing to supply the beers in return for letting me give you a World Series BJ!!!

That’s right!!! You BENIFIT!! BJ’s for you and your buddies and I am willing to do more……

I am a Bottom guy with EXCELLANT ORAL skills and a tigh hole….


If you into it we can do some other things….like depending eacht ime they hit the ball you get a BJ or Rim job or kiss….
HomeRun….You figure it out!!!

Not Banging Phillies Chicks Until After Last Out Guy

I’m not fucking any girls who are phillies fans until the World Series is over.
Sucks for them, cause I’m fucking super cute awesome…

Here’s Hoping A-Rod & Tex Go Back-To-Back

excellent muscular cocksucker looking to give head to good-looking, neg. guys watching the World Series. So, if you’re getting a group of buds together and want to get blown during the games, hit me back. No pnp. Beer, 420, poppers okay. Neg here; expect the same. Let’s make this a memorable series. Pls. send pics and description and I will send back same. thx.

How The Next Busted Coverage Ticket Giveaway Should Be Operated

i need a date to the world series. i have both games. who wants to come and why should it be you? email me. im white, normal, good looking.

Fat Guy In The Utley Jersey Needs A Date

We were on the computers next to each other. I was the fat guy in the utley jersey, you were the hot chick with brown hair, jeans, black hooded sweater and ugg boots. You smelled soooo nice…Let me take you to the bar to watch the world series game..and more if you would like

A Phillies Man Whore

Any women with a couple of World Series tickets they’d like to get rid of? I’m very creative and maybe we can figure out some special way I could pay you for them.

To All The Single White And Asian Ladies!

I have two tickets to the World Series on Saturday night. Do you want one or both? What are they worth to you?

I’m looking for white or asian woman only and just so you know I’m definitely a boob man.

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Nightcapper: Marni Phillips (Photo) Because You Pigs Want To Compare And Contrast
Nightcapper: Marni Phillips (Photo) Because You Pigs Want To Compare And Contrast
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